Larry's Veggies Marana

Corona Virus and Larry’s Veggies

As of today 3/17/202020 we have not received final instructions regarding market closures this weekend. We are working hard for you. We have produce that needs to harvested and we are willing to do what it takes to get it to you. We are moving forward as usual however there will be a change in how we sell. We are now offering the ability to
order, we package, and deliver @ curbside at different locations, We will send you an invoice through square and you will elect where you want to pick up. Everything will be ready for pick up. We are trying to comply with restrictions as well as deliver good nutritious food to you Please bear with us we are implementing this change. Thank you for your patience with these two ‘ole farmers.

We are all struggling with the changes that are happening almost minute by minute. Please rest assured we are doing everything possible to be able to get our farm fresh vegetables to you in the fastest and safest way that we can. We have many customers in which thier immune systems are compromised and we want to make sure that they can get our vegetables as safely as they can. As we develop different strategies we will do our utmost best to let you know what is happening at the farm. We recently completed the mandatory Food Safety Training for Farmers. We have implemented some changes/recommendations on the farm and some at our stand in order to comply for the safety of our customers. .Thankfully we did not have to change too much.

IF you would like the availability list please send us a message (through our page) and we would be happy to send it to you..

Larry’s Veggies in Marana grows according to the seasons and the garden dictates when each crop is ready to go to market. All produce is picked within 24-48 hours prior to market. Come visit us at Heirloom Farmers’ Markets the market and enjoy fresh, healthy eating.

We are committed to utilizing sustainable practices to bring you the freshest & best tasting produce. It takes more than just dirt and a shovel. Vermicom posting returns organic waste as a fertilizer to our garden beds. Learn more about where we get our soil at  Vermillion Wormery.

Our seeds and starts are locally produced by master gardener Reggie Smith at West Wind Seeds.  All of their seeds are open pollinated, non-hybrid, chemically untreated and non-GMO.